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Disney Birthday Surprise

I wanted to provide an update to all of my readers as I have been seemingly absent for nearly two months now. I have to say the past months have been a complete whirlwind filled with birthdays, work, and vacation.

Over a month ago, my stepdaughter turned 10-years-old. We knew this was a big one that we were going to have to make memorable for her. So about six months prior, back in September, we made the decision to plan a trip to Disney World.

To put it simply, I absolutely LOVE Disney World!! My stepdaughter and I have talked about Disney since the day I met her. It is something we have always talked about and dreamed of doing together. The kids had in fact been to Disney before with their mom and dad, but it was quite the different experience. I had many times asked my stepdaughter about rides like Splash Mountain or Pirates of the Caribbean and she would have no idea what I was even talking about, so I promised her when we eventually went that we would do all the rides.


“Hardest secret I have ever had to keep”

My boyfriend and I decided we wanted to keep this a secret from her though until her actual 10th birthday. Let’s just say this was the hardest secret I have ever had to keep. She had many times talked about wanting to do the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, which is a Disney salon inside Cinderella’s castle where girls spend hours getting made up into a true Disney princess. Upon further research though, I realized that this meant we would be spending hours in a hair salon spending over $200, after already dropping hundreds of dollars on park tickets alone! Unregretfully, I wrote this off pretty much instantly. I know she would have loved to have done that, but I promised myself we would spend $40 on a Disney dress and $40 to get her hair done locally if she truly wanted to be a princess for a day.

My compromise was to create casual princess outfits that she could wear each day in the park, but that would double as some much needed new summer clothes. This included four outfits: Snow White, Belle, Moana, & Ariel. It took me forever to put these outfits together, but it kept me busy until we finally revealed our gift to her.

Birthday Time

When her birthday finally arrived, I was so excited I could hardly contain it. She was originally supposed to be at her mom’s house, but last minute the kids ended up with us, which thankfully meant we could tell the kids that much sooner! With the help of a good friend, we had a birthday cake made that said, “We’re Going to Disney”.


We had her close her eyes as we sang Happy Birthday and when she opened her eyes she commented on how much she loved the cake. We could tell she didn’t actually read it though so we asked her what it said. She said, “We’re going to… what?” and then proceeded to just stare at us. I thought I had blown our cover in the months leading up to her birthday as I used any excuse to talk about Disney, but this made it clear that she had no idea this was coming. We told her that in just two weeks time we would be heading to Disney for her spring break. Within twenty minutes, her brother had already packed five stuffed animals and some underwear into his Spiderman backpack and with his Mickey hat on was ready to go.


I have lots of thoughts about Disney, one being never go during spring break, but that is certainly for a future blog post. I’ll wrap up this post by saying though that the two weeks leading up to Disney between my stepdaughter’s actual birthday, then a major birthday party the weekend after, and packing – it was quite hectic. All that to say, I got really out of practice with writing blog posts. I hope to get back on track, mainly by sharing my thoughts on Disney over the next few weeks. I have quickly discovered that having a full-time job, two kids, and regularly maintaining a blog is quite difficult, but I’m trying! I’m excited though to share with all of you stories about our trip and some insight I gained along the way. Stay tuned!

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