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Hurricane Florence

Flo, Flo go away… come again never!


Being outside of Raleigh, NC, Hurricane Florence is coming right at us.  I have been here long enough to know that hurricanes rarely reach us this far inland as they typically break up the moment they hit land.  We generally only end up with a lot of rain and if you are in the flood zones then you have an issue.


I’m not sure if it is just all the news media and the hype that this is going to be one of the worst hurricanes we have ever seen, but this one seems different.  We have the ability to evacuate and head north, but I keep debating if that might be overkill.  We don’t live in a flood zone and the worst that can happen is we lose power for a number of days.


Of course, the panic of hurricanes has everyone heading to the stores nonstop.  I tried out Costco for water and a few other things, but the parking lot was so jammed packed and, when I went inside, I saw the checkout lines down the aisles.  I said “hell no” and walked right out.  I proceeded to check numerous stores for water but to no avail.


I figured that unless I decided to stakeout at the grocery stores all day and night finding water in any decent amount of quantity was going to be near impossible.  So, I opted for the next best thing which was buying 2-liter bottles of the cheapest soda I could find (99 cents) and poured that out to replace with water.  Do we really even need water though?!  The City of Raleigh has cautioned people to say that there really shouldn’t be any issues with water and that the tap water (which we always drink anyways) will be good.  I guess it is better to be overprepared, but still sometimes it feels like overkill.


I feel like we are sufficiently prepped and our evacuation plan still exists should we need it.  The annoying part of this all is the pressure we are getting from the kids’ biological mom to evacuate.  She is located in a different state where they have been mandated to leave, but somehow is making it seem like we are bad parents because we are choosing to stay put.  If we were in a mandatory evacuation spot, I would without a doubt leave.


Co-parenting is hard, especially when considering the well-being of your children.  Parents may sometimes have different approaches to parenting – some might be more strict, some might focus more on having fun, some might focus more on grades, others more on extracurriculars.  But, I think we all can agree that we would never willingly put the kids in danger.  Trust me, I am the least dangerous person out there and am overly cautious at times, but I believe we are doing what is best.  I have talked to a bunch of other people, have multiple worst-case scenario plans in mind, and have prepared our house the best way I know how.


Bottom line, I’m focusing on our family.  It sometimes just stinks having a third party weigh in and judge your every decision.  I would hate to ever hear the inevitable “I told you so”.


So, bring in on Flo!  We are ready for you.


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